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8 reasons why one should ride electric Unicycles

Electric unicycles (EUCs) have grown in popularity in recent years due to their feasibility as a commuting wheel. In the 21st century, there are many different types of vehicles on the street. People still need a way to get to the job, friends, or just the supermarket EUCs fun, fast, powerful, portable, and environment friendly

inmotion v8f electric unicycle with open pedals and rgb light

The EUC can be the perfect personal electric vehicle (PEV). For the person thinking about replacing their conventional means of transport, or who wants to add another way of commuting, here are eight reasons why they should choose electric unicycles:

1) It’s 100% electric, another step towards a greener life:

  • Gas-powered vehicles release several air pollutants that can harm both the environment and public health. Using electric unicycles will reduce the emission of these harmful substances, protecting our planet, families, and ourselves. 

2) Portable! Park it everywhere, and take it anywhere:

  • Most electric unicycles are built to be as light as possible. There are also wheels that can get you to places a car and a motorcycle can’t. EUCs can be parked inside the house, taken on the bus, down the subway, or placed in a car trunk! 

3) Convenience! Ride right away:

gotway rs 19-inch electric unicycle with front tail light
  • You don’t have to wait for a bus, warm up the car, or go to the gas station. The EUC is always ready to go from the front door to the desired destination; just turn it on and go.

4) Speed! The most e-unicycles ride between 20 and 50 km per hour.

  • Most e-unicycles will provide the speed a commuter needs. They come equipped with powerful motors, and in a few years, they will be even faster. 

5) Compact size: 

EUCs are, by nature, small. Their compact size allows one to use the bike’s lane without getting stuck in traffic. Driving through narrow streets is not a problem, and worrying about a parking space flies out the window. 

6) Economics: 

Math does not lie! Figure the cost of a EUC and the electricity it consumes. It is more economical than any other powered transportation! The rider will save a lot of time over bicycles, buses, or walking while avoiding the costs of registration or insurance. 

7) Reliability:

 In general, the EUCs are reliable and last more than 3 to 4 years with regular riding and slight maintenance. Then there is also the possibility of refurbishing them if necessary. 

Now let’s add an 8th and most important reason,

8) FUN:

EUCs are movement in their most simple form. Imagine a superpower that could accelerate someone like the Flash or Iron man. This is the feeling of gliding along on a EUC. One is moving at superhuman speeds as the world goes by, and people stare in amazement. There is no better feeling than gliding along the street as the wind washes by. This is true freedom.  

These Wheels have tons of advantages over other forms of transportation. However, always remember to ride them at moderate speeds, obey traffic rules, and always wear protective gear (helmet, wrist, elbow, and Knee protection.). 

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