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A 43Mph beast is loose! Can you tame the Currus NF Plus?

A 43 Mph beast is loose! Can you tame the Currus NF Plus?

currus nf plus electric scooter in down town south korea

If you’re keen to find an electric scooter faster than your old one, then you’re reading the right article. Because this electric scooter is a high-powered dual-motor beast. Today We will review the Currus NF Plus electric scooter. Now, this is not any ordinary electric scooter, this e-scooter can go as fast as 43Mph or 72 km/h. I don’t know about you guys, but I will definitely wear my safety gear reading this one, so let’s jump right into it.

All right! Now let’s take this e-scooter for a ride, the Currus NF comes with a max 3600W Dual motor which makes it so crazy on the power side. Just to put that into perspective, that power comes from a 60V 28Ah H35E SAMSUNG SDI Lithium-Ion battery giving it 120 kilometers of range on one charge! It’s a really high-end battery perfect to back up the power this e-scooter provides.

At the right conditions other scooters can speed up to 25Mph or 40Km/h (Legal Speed), but this e-scooter can do about 50% better than that, reaching speeds past 40Mph or 70km/h. The Currus NF is a lot more fun blasting up the top speed, and normally such a speed needs something solid that will last longer, but just take a look at the build quality of this thing, there’s no loose tubular stem, the suspension here is very high-end as well, and you’ve got a deck so big plus a second level deck, you definitely have more space for your own comfort. 

In terms of ride quality the Currus NF Plus rides quite nicely, the hydraulic suspension really helps with that ride quality, and the hydraulic disc brakes offer plenty of stopping power if you wanna ride this beast full speed. 

I also adore the folding mechanism, you can use a solid steel pin that locks the stem in either the up or down position, so you never have to worry about whether or not the scooter is actually locked in place. 

A high-quality Korean-built Currus NF weighs 80lbs or 37Kg. For an e-scooter in its price range, you get more than what you’ve paid for. Its features, quality, speed, and torque is a solid argument to choose the Cirrus NF plus over a lot of alternative transportations. An e-scooter that’s as fast and powerful as any regular scooter yet environment friendly is the future of transportation.

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