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A complete review of the Gotway Tesla T3.

gotway tesla 3 electric unicycle black

A complete review of the Gotway Tesla T3.  

Gotway Tesla T3 may be the latest updated form of the last models. The improvements on this model made a huge impression among the electric unicycle fans, and proved that Gotway does listen to every single request the community makes! So hats off to them.

Gotway Tesla T3 is a beautiful UFO looking electric unicycle, it looks super futuristic and stylish. The Gotway T3 is ready to drive you 120km/74,4 miles with a speed of 31Mph in one charge! Thanks to its upgraded more powerful Hollow 2000 Watt motor, The motor now can deliver 30% more power than the older versions. This electric unicycle is ready to claim the throne. 

One of the best enhancements from the last versions is its upgraded 1500WH/84V Battery. It has been getting a lot of praise as it lasts longer, and it’s more than enough to help you juice the maximum performance out of the Tesla T3 e-unicycle.

The Tesla T3 is super light, as it weighs only 48.50Lbs. It’s definitely easy to be picked up, so you can take it down to the subway, go upstairs, or put it in the car trunk. And don’t worry about turning the unicycle off before picking it up. The Gotway Tesla T3 has a motor cut-off button just below the carry handle so just pick it up click it and it’s off. Simple! To the point! Also, it has an Integrated Telescopic Handle that helps you carry the wheel when you’re not riding it.

This new model has stereo Bluetooth speakers for all music lovers out there, which is…..Well, everyone! This is the first Tesla model to integrate them, and the quality of the sound is epic. To connect your phone, and play music while riding through the park, feeling that beautiful breeze on your face. I need that kind of therapy. 

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