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Currus NF Plus VS Currus Panther – Product Comparison – Electric Scooters

currus nf plus electric scooter in down town south korea

Currus NF Plus VS Currus Panther – Product Comparison – Electric Scooters

currus panther electric scooter on race circuit

Currus is one of the largest and most well-known e-scooter brands. Instead of being Chinese, this Korean company’s reputation precedes them. They are known to make some of the best quality and most powerful electric scooters in the world. Since they make multiple high-quality e-scooters, it can be difficult to know which exact model to buy. So here, we’ll be comparing two of their most well rounded and top-rated scooters, the NF Plus, and the Panther. After reading this, one should be able to decide which Currus scooter will best serve their needs.

Power and Build

The Panther and the NF Plus are very well built. The tires of the Panther measure 1 inch taller and one half an inch wider than the NF Plus’, giving the Panther a slightly more robust feel.

Both scooters are fitted with a built-in suspension system that improves ride and stability on both the front and the back wheel. However, the Panther is installed with ABS on both front and rear brakes, while the NF Plus has standard 140mm brake discs. The ABS contributes to the stopping abilities of the Panther.

Both scooters are also fitted with Currus’ signature LCD multi-EYE smart throttle, a heads up display which is conveniently positioned on the handlebar and allows the rider to change driving modes, use the horn, check and manage speed, switch the headlight on/off, and control other functions.

The Currus Panther is more powerful than NF Plus. The NF Plus’s motor has a respectable output of 3600W. This powerful scooter seems small in comparison to the Panther’s massive 5400W motor. Although both are amazing, the Panther is the one for the power hungry.

As with the motors The 28 Ah 60 V Samsung SDI cells of the NF Plus just can’t quite hold up to the Samsung 60V 35Ah H35E Li-ion battery pack of the Panther.

Given that the Panther has a superior motor and battery, it’s safe to assume that it also has a much greater top speed. And you would be correct with your assumption! The Panther dominates once again, with a top speed of 50mph (80kph), over the 44mph(70kph) of the NF Plus.

While it seems the Currus Panther is the obvious choice, there is a significant difference in price. The Currus NF Plus delivers serious performance at a very good price. If one is looking for pure performance, the Panther would be a better choice.

Additional features

The Panther has a high-luminosity LED on the front of the handlebar, but the headlight of the NF Plus actually performs better than that of the Panther. The NF Plus’s headlight shines at 4500 lumens, which is perfect for late-night rides. Both have a LED taillights placed under the deck extension at the rear side of the vehicle, but the Panther also has sidelights for extra visibility on darker roads.

Finally, both scooters have an easy-to-use folding system with a large pin mechanism that fits into the metal frame of the main body of the scooter. Once the pin has been inserted, there is a key system to lock the scooter. Both scooters are fitted with this system.


It seems easy to see that one’s needs will determine which of these industry leading scooters are the best fit. If someone is looking for a great scooter for any commute and wants a top-of-the-line powerhouse with extended range, the Currus Panther is the scooter for them.

If someone is a bit more cost conscious, looking for a great scooter for a great lower price, one would do well to consider the Currus NF Plus. 

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