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Gotway makes electric scooters too! The Gotway Dten Review

gotway dten electric scooter front the bridge

Gotway makes electric scooters too! The Gotway Dten Review

Hey! What’s up guys! PEV News is here, and today I’m excited to break down for you the Gotway Dten electric scooter. You might think, what? Gotway makes only electric unicycles! That’s right they make really high-end e-unicycles, but the Dten is now their first entry to the electric scooters world. This model is really powerful, compact, and fast at the same time. Let’s check how good it can compete with the high-end electric scooters in the market.

The Gotway Dten comes in very different configurations, It either comes with Dual motors 3500W each a total of 7000W! Or a single 3500W motor, there are actually very few scooters in the market with dual motors. So Gotway thought this out really well, living up to their reputation as a high-end e-unicycles’ manufacturers meant that they had to pack the best technology in this one. 

The Dten comes with a 1800wh 100V Sanyo 21700 Cells battery that can be charged in 6hours, on one charge you can cross 75miles/120km. The Dten’s battery and motor combination are really powerful. This electric unicycle can travel as fast as 46Mph/75km which is perfect for all my commuters out there. 

The design of this beast is very neat. The Gotway Dten has a thick foldable stem, however, it weighs 90lbs/45Kg keep it in mind before you pick it up. I like how the front fork feels like it’s not attached to the stem and the stem is rather floating over it. The wheel’s fork comes in red, giving the electric unicycle a beautiful red and black combination. The Dten has a coal suspension, 11’’ tires, and a seat that can be attached to the deck if you want to. 

Gotway is a well respected company among e-unicycles fans, and I can see that it will take over the electric unicycle market in the future. The Gotway Dten is a showcase of what Gotway will offer in the future. If the Dten is only the beginning I can only imagine what electric unicycle we will have in the future.

gotway dten 100v single motor electric scooter specifications tabs
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