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Electric unicycles war! Two vicious gladiators in the InMotion V11 and the King Song S18. Which one is better?

Electric unicycles war! Two vicious gladiators in the InMotion V11 and the King Song S18. Which one is better?

Electric unicycles are today one of the most fashionable, and stylish means of personal transport. When purchasing an electric unicycle, you need to consider many things, including design, power/motor, battery life, and more. Thus, today in our new EUCs battle, we’re talking about two of the newest and most advanced electrical unicycles on the market.

The Inmotion V11 is the latest EUC by Inmotion. It is an amazing off-road wheel! It features a more stylish (yet simple) design, a high-powered motor, and other features.

On the other hand, we have the KingSong KS-S18! The latest product from KingSong Intelligence Technology Co. Ltd. It’s a high-performance, safety-focused electric unicycle.

Now let’s compare the two masterpieces and see which one might come out on top:

Motor and power:

The power to the V11 e-unicycle comes from a 2000W motor that is capable of providing a top speed of 50km/h (31.25 mph). For the ultimate off-road experience, the Inmotion has an 18-inch x 3-inch wide tire. It is very steady even on the bumpiest roads.

The kingsong S18, on the other hand, has an integrated 2200W motor capable of managing a top speed of 50km/h (31mph). Its speed is similar to the V11. Moreover, The S18 has an 18-inch x 3-inch wide tire as well.

Battery and Range 

The Inmotion V11 has a dual 84V 1500WH battery pack sporting a max range of up to 120 km (75 miles). It has collaborative LG batteries on both sides keeping the vehicle running even if one battery fails during the ride. The battery charges in only 5hs with any 5V / 2.1A USB port through the integrated dual charging ports. 

The KS-S18 draws its power from a DC 74V 1110WH battery. It can achieve a max range of around 100km (62 miles). Yet, it can be charged in around 6hs with a 2.5A charger. 

Both PEVs provide enough range for the rider, but the V11 can provide 13 miles more than the S18. Which gives it an edge in the range challenge.

Overall build:

The S18 can handle rider weights of up to 120 kg. Equipped with a 3’’ wide tire with 10″ pedals, the EUC only weighs 22 kg.

The KingSong chose to go against the standard of a full-wheel enclosure. It adopts an openwork, both on the sides and on the top of the wheel. These openings refine the wheel’s aesthetics giving it an aggressive, futuristic character. which has made a revolution in the EUC market.

The S18 can climb inclines up to 40° super easily. furthermore, it has an android app allowing the rider to track every detail about the EUC!

The V11 was inspired by the original Z10. yet, the V11 has an epic air suspension, worthy of a high-end mountain bike. electric unicycles have started taking over the off-road world. Thus, a suspension is essential to protect the unicycle’s frame when riding at speed or over rough ground. The InMotion V11’s air suspension reduces bumps making off-road riding much comfortable.

The InMotion V11 also comes with an improved trolly handle and a folding kick-stand which makes it even more comfortable. Let’s not forget the bright Front (4800 lux) and rear automobile-level taillight, so important to safety when riding at night.

The V11 can climb inclines up to 35°. Also, it has an android app to track every detail about the e-unicycle! 


So who do you think won in today’s battle? Only the reader can decide. From your own experience, which one do you like? Are you more into the off-roads or to city riding? Head over to pev opinion and vote for your favorite!

All specs came from the manufacturer  

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