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Is the Currus Panther the Thunder’s twin?

currus panther electric scooter with head light

Is the Currus Panther the Thunder’s twin?

The Currus panther is one of the newest entries in the racing electric scooters market by Currus. Just as all its e-scooters were a decent competitor to the Dualtron, the Currus Panther is here to take on the Dualtron Thunder. Currus has partnered with Minimotors, So you will notice a lot of similar parts. The panther shares a lot of similar features with the Thunder e-scooter. They use the same controller and throttle, the same range, and They belong to one price category. 

Same as the Thunder, The panther rocks a 5400W motor allowing it to reach 49 Mph. Being powered by Samsung 60V 35Ah battery This wild scooter provides a 74 Miles (120 km) range on one charge. It feels like a twin of the Thunder. They’re both very fast, sturdy, and durable.

currus panther 11 inch dual motor electric scooter rear tail light

The Panther has a CNC body frame which is really solid and gives it an aggressive and stylish look. its suspension arrangement is very unique though. It has the same shocks from the spring as the Weped SS located between the wheel and the deck. The handlebar is hard wired to the wheels. It’s positioned the same way as the thunder. The only distinction is that the Thunder has an adjustable suspension of the Dualtron, while the Panther has springs.

The Panther features dual 160mm hydraulic brakes. Paired with electronic brakes, they make taming this beast very easy. The amount of control the brakes give you is insane. The Panther is shipped with 11-inch tube ultra-wide tires, they are amazing for the off-roads, and they are the same as the Thunder’s. I really love these tires, really useful if you want to go explore the off-roads. And remember you can always change the tires to the road one if you like.

currus panther electric scooter on race circuit

As we said above, the Thunder and Panther share the same motor. The 5400W motor is made to power monsters. It can get you up to 49Mph (80km), and you can climb hills with an Incline of 25°. The panther is very flexible; it offers you the option to control the motor’s output, you can use one motor and engage the other one anytime you want. Just click the button on the handlebar to quickly engage or disengage it.

Most batteries lose a big share of capacity after a few months of use. The panther, however, comes with the 60V 35Ah H35E Samsung battery pack (a very high-end battery). The battery allows the panther to go as far as 75 miles or 120 km, which is awesome! The charging time of an empty battery is 21 hours, but no worries, make use of the second port, and guess what! The time will be reduced by half. 

currus panther electric scooter out side picture

Every piece is strong and sturdy. The structure is solid metal. There is also great accuracy that can be expected from a scooter made in Korea. However, the Thunder’s frame is Chinese made. Although the Panther’s frame is made with solid metal, it only weighs 105lbs, which adds to its performance and makes it easy for this beast to reach its maximum speed. Oh! And keep in mind its deck is very wide and comfy! Move your legs as you want, throw a party in there you will have enough space.

In short, is the panther worth it? The answer is yes! It will stand the test of time and probably be the only competitor for the Thunder in the same price category. I have seen a lot of people praising it online and I’m so optimistic about its future.

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