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Gotway RS the fastest electric unicycle by Gotway

gotway rs 19 inch electric unicycle

Is the Gotway RS the fastest electric unicycle by Gotway? The Gotway RS full review

The Gotway RS is one of the latest high-performance electric unicycles from the Gotway company, known for performance PEVs For the rider looking for performance in a EUC, the Gotway RS might just be the wheel of preference.  


The Gotway RS has a 2600W hollow motor. A hollow motor allows for larger gauge cables to go to the motor meaning more current can be supplied to the motor. The RS comes in two versions, a SPEED version, and a TORQUE version, both with a 2600W hollow motor. The torque beast powers the Gotway RS to a speed of 49 Mph/79km but gives the rider serious climbing and acceleration! The speed version will take the average rider up to 60Mph/97km. Due to its ability to achieve such speeds, the 2600W hollow motor provides adequate braking as well.

Battery and range:

The Gotway RS (EUC) comes powered by a 100V/1800Wh LG M50T 21700 battery, providing a range of 60 miles/100km for the average rider at normal operating conditions. This is in spite of its performance. It charges in just 5 hours with the included charger; 2 hours using a second charger with the dual charging ports. 

Design and features:

The Gotway RS is a EUC that resembles a supercar! It has an 18” wheel so bumps in the road are no problem. The RS can carry a rider of up to 285lbs (130kg), yet it only weighs 60lbs (27 kg). The available black color simply adds to its futuristic look. The RS has a loud Bluetooth speaker on the right side. The headlights are very bright (100~6000 lumen) for increased visibility, especially at night. Top this off with a bright rear tail light…

Alarm system:

Gotway has equipped the RS with an alarm system to alert the rider to potential problems. This system uses audible alarms as notifications.

For example,  when the wheel exceeds 12 mph (30kph), the RS beeps two times/sec. Above 26 mph (45kph) the RS beeps 3 times/second. When the motor output exceeds  80% the electric unicycle beeps 5 beeps/second. These notices are adjustable in the app.

As well, the wheel notifies the rider in unsafe conditions. When there’s a low voltage condition while cruising at 30 mph or slower, the RS beeps 2 per second. If there’s an extremely low voltage condition, the EUC beeps 1 per second for a total of 5 times. If there’s an overvoltage, the Gotway RS beeps 3 times per second. The RS beeps two times per 0.5 second if there’s a hall effect sensor malfunction. It also beeps two short times if there is a temperature problem with the control board.  

The Gotway RS automatically shuts off under the following conditions for safety reasons:

  • when the wheel is leaning at 35° from forward to backward direction.
  • 45° from left and right direction.
  • when there’s a motherboard overheat it gives out an urgent beep. IN addition to the audible alarms, the footrests start tilting backward.

The Gotway RS is an electric unicycle where one can really RIDE THE LIGHTNING. The multiple motor choice, available speed, and modern safety system makes this EUC. shine 

However, we would love to hear the consumer. What sets the Gotway RS apart from other EUCs? Is the a preferred personal electric vehicle (PEV)? Please share your opinion in the PEV OPINION section.

*All the specs have been provided by the manufacturer.

gotway rs electric scooter specifications tab
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