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Is The Novus electric motorcycle worth the price? The Novus review

Is The Novus electric motorcycle worth the price? The Novus review

novus carbon fiber frame

The Novus a high-end electric motorcycle unlike any other. For one thing, it is made of Carbon fiber, a very light and stiff space-age material. With a price tag of 36,000 dollars, this is a premium device. Given that many pay millions for their ride, the aesthetics of this alone are worth the price. The NOVUS is truly RIDING THE LIGHTNING.

German engineering is legendary. One can see, everything on this e-bike is custom made. The frame is built of one solid piece of carbon fiber. The whole frame weighs only 15Lbs which is amazingly light. In spite of the weight, the frame can support a maximum weight of 275Lbs. 

One can choose between five colors, and a simple finish or a carbon finish when ordering.

Examining the bike, it becomes obvious what justifies the price. The Novus electric motorcycle is equipped with a custom-built 18 KW (18,000W) wheel hub motor. In combination with its powerful battery and the extreme lightweight of the frame, the Novus can surpass most electric motorcycles in the market, not only in looks but also in performance.

The Novus e-motorcycle can reach a max speed of 74Mph/120kph. It can accelerate to 31mph/50kph in only 2.9 seconds. The battery of this beast is integrated into the back frame. Moreover, the combination of the battery and motor allows for a max range of 62 miles/100km with the average rider.

The Mono fork of the Novus supports a 90 mm suspension; all the bike’s features are integrated into the frame. Hence, the bike has a slim futuristic look. Checking out the forks, one sees the custom-designed carbon rims. The build quality is compact and solid. The overall design could easily be described as “sexy.”

The specifications of this e-bike make this a true 21st-century PEV. The Novus’ full weight is only 85 lbs (38.5 kg)! The charging time is similar to a Tesla on a Supercharger; within an hour the battery can reach a 0-80 percent charge, one of the fastest charge times of any PEV in the market. Changing will not be a time waste with the Novus.

Add to the above, a very bright headlight for night riding and safety. The PEV is controlled by a Novus app, which provides many features, such as custom speed limitations and alarms. The NOVUS is equipped with an NFC chip.  If the rider forgets the key, it can be unlocked using a cell phone. The rider can track information (Speed, battery, current usage, message) with the NOVUS app.

The Novus redefines the high-end of the electric motorcycle market. Please come to PEV.NEWS for more information on the PEV revolution.

*all the details above were provided by the manufacturer.

novus electric motocycle front head light
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