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manufacturers need to let the community help

Title: manufacturers need to let the community help

Modern EUCs, or electric unicycles have a problem. Sadly it is a problem that could be easily solved by the manufacturers without any effort. But they so far, have not even tried.

All of the EUCs made today are made by Chinese manufactures. Most of the wheels produced are of great quality and represent a good value. However, the entire industry has a problem. And the sad part is the problem could be easily fixed if the manufacturers simply allowed it to happen.

electric unicycle warning handle bar

Pictured is a warning label from one of the tops of the line EUCs. It reads “please provide your hands for being pinche while using the putter.” This is supposed to read, “Please watch your fingers when closing the trolley handle. The “putter” on the label, (putter is called a PUSH STICK in Mandarin) means the trolly handle.

All of the Phone apps from the manufacturers display this type of NON-English. The owner’s manuals are less than useless, being totally incomplete and in some cases, indecipherable. The sad part is there are people in the community willing to volunteer their time to fix these issues. These people are mostly ignored by manufacturers. PEV.NEWS knows of a native English speaker with a command of Mandarin who has offered to rewrite several owners manuals with no response at all from the manufacturers.

The EUC apps are free. So there is little to no incentive for the manufactures to keep app development in-house. Two very popular apps, Darknessbot by Darkness productions, and EUC world by Sebastian Łastowski. Both of these very fine apps are made without cooperation with the manufacturers. This means that the developers have to intercept calls through the Bluetooth interface to discover how to control the respective wheels. This means that the apps can not be as good as they would be with the manufacturer’s cooperation. A manufacturer could update these developers with every new firmware upgrade to ensure that the apps remain compatible with the new firmware. As well, by providing the codes for control, these developers could have had the Apps ready before the release of the newest EUCs.

The Picture shows an error message from the InMotion app. This type of thing could be very easily corrected if only the manufacturers would cooperate.

I would like to see the major manufacturers start cooperating with the community and the developers to make the manuals and apps useful to the community. This would reduce costs for the manufacturers and increase the safety and usefulness of their wheels for everyone. We encourage King Song, InMotion, Gotway, and Veteran to reach out to PEV.NEWS to start such cooperation.

– Robert Freeman

Ed Note: PEV.NEWS is willing to act as a coordinator between the manufacturers, the developers, and the community.  For more information write an email to:

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