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Should you consider buying a Begode Master?

Should you consider buying a Begode Master?

Are you considering buying a new high speed EUC with a great charging speed? What options have you considered? Put the Begode Gotway Master on your list?

In this article, we will be discussing some exciting features of Begode Master, and determine if should consider buying a Begode Master.

Electric Unicycles (EUCs) have been around since the 1970s and have been steadily gaining popularity in recent years. The usability and portability of EUCs makes them very popular among commuters. Unicycles have evolved to be more resilient, smarter, and quicker, owing to motors development and smart battery systems.

Multiple electric mobility solutions companies exist in the market. A notable companies is Begode. Begode has been manufacturing a range of electric mobility tools since their inception in 2014. Begode has always been the trendsetter in EV mobility. They have frequently surprised their consumers with advanced technologies and electrifying performance. We seethis again in their latest product, Begode Master.

Begode Gotway Master: Overview

Gotway Master is the successor Begode Hero. But one will observe that the Master is completely different from Hero, a complete paradigm shift over the previous model. The Begode Master has set new trends in the EUC industry with its superb capability and exhilarating performance. With state-of-the-art battery technology (134.4 Volt charging), a powerful motor (3500 W), an upgraded suspension system, a comfortable seat to sit on, and a perfect 20tire, this is one of the best electric unicycles you can get right now.  

Technical Specifications:

Just look at some of the technical specifications of Begode Gotway Master.

Motor3500 W
Max Free Spin Speed112 kph/70 mph
Max. Weight39 kg / 86lbs
Suspension Travel80 mm Adjustable Damping
Battery Capacity2400 Wh 134 v
Dimensions567 m x 496 mm 628 mm

Design, Build, and Hardware:

For years, Begode has employed the well-known, “Samsonite” design. But, finally, Begode has built Begode Gotway Master, a stylish electric wheel, a more modern-looking machine. It is smart, assertive, minimalist, and has a variety of intriguing colors, giving enthusiasts multiple choices. Considering the hardware, the motherboard of the Begode EUC has customized connectors for increased performance and processing speed and enhanced durability. The 20-inch tires make it more stable and make sure you stay in contact with the ground.


For electric mobility, performance is rated mostly in terms of motor power rating; how much torque it can deliver. Secondly, its battery, which is easy to charge, and the range it offers is exceptional. And lastly, its suspension makes it smooth.  We will look at each of these components with respect to Begode Master.

High-powered Motor:

The Master is the apex of performance and speed since it is powered by a powerful 3500W Torque C38 motor. This ECU, which is supported by a 20-inch tire, can take you to places in a shorter time compared to other unicycles.

Powerful and Fast-Charging Battery:

Electric vehicles are steadily becoming an industry standard, with manufacturers delivering environmentally-friendly equipment to make mobility greener and more sustainable. However, there is still a gap in the adoption and widespread use of electric vehicles. Battery technology is still in a nascent stage. It can take more than 8 to10 hours to charge an electric vehicle. As a result, the use of electric vehicles has been previously limited, and people continue to rely on conventional automobiles (ICE engines).

The Begode Master attempts to break this trend by providing a long range and a short charge time. It features a high-capacity battery, updated software, and quick charging. It is equipped with a powerful MSX battery having a capacity of 2400 Wh. With this powerful MSX battery, Begode Master has a range of up to 120 km (74.5 miles) on a single charge.

In addition, for water resistance, the battery packs are sealed during the manufacturing and assembling. The system also gives warnings for the charging limits.

Charging time has been dealt with. MSX battery technology significantly reduces the charging time by 4 to 6 hours. The charging time is significantly reduced, thanks to the GX20 4P charging ports and its 12 A charging adapter. In less than 6 hours, the DC 134.4V charging output fully charges the battery. That means you won’t have to plug in your Begode Master for the entire night or wait during the weekend. The power system also incorporates safety features and alerts, as well as short circuit and overheating protection for the charging port outlet.


Suspension is one of the newer components of electric unicycles. So, to enhance the comfort of the rider, Begode has added an advanced suspension system in the Master. This system is made of adjustable and dampening air shocks with suspension travel of 80 mm. They make the ride smoother and adapt easily to tough terrains. With this upgrade, Begode is a step ahead of many of its competitors.

Notable Features:

Let’s talk about the notable features that you would notice if you buy the Begode Master.

  1. Cooling system: A cooling fan has been added to the system. This fan starts when the temperature reaches 50. Meanwhile, the automatic heat dissipation system keeps the motors and mechanical parts of EUC from overheating by maintaining the temperature in an optimal range.
  2. Anti-Spin Button: An anti-spin button on the top gives complete control over the motor’s behavior.
  • Fender and Metal bars: Begode has installed Aluminium fenders and roll bars on the body of ECU. They are for better safety and protection in case of an accident or fall
  • Elegant Display: A big, bright top-mounted LCD panel displays all the necessary information, including mileage, temperature speed, battery voltage, and range.
  • Spiked Pedals: The Begode Master has spiked pedals for a solid grip and confident ride.
  • Bright Headlight: A 7000 lumen (25 W pcs.) LED light provides maximum illumination in the dark. So, you don’t have to carry the burden of extra lights.
  • Warning Rear Taillight: An LED taillight warns the trailing traffic and pedestrians about braking, and is augmented by LED turn signals. This is to ensure your safety and that of those on the road.
  • 20″ Thick Tire: A 20″ hybrid tire on the Master ensures that you stay glued to the road, and provides firm traction avoiding any slippage. The rugged material and great tread of the tire perfectly complement the high speeds the Master is capable of achieving.
  • Water Proofing: The Master’s electrical and mechanical components are protected from environmental hazards using the latest manufacturing techniques.  To ensure no water enters the system, the unicycle has a sealed bearing ring and waterproofed connectors. They protect the EUC during wet weather and rainy conditions.  It has an IP65 rating.

Apart from these features, one also gets a lot of safety features.

  1. Safety Features:
  2. Incline protection assists: An important driver assistance feature is inclination assist.  If you are on an inclined slope and suddenly the inclination angle reaches 40 degrees, the system automatically stops the EUC to prevent any unforeseen situation.
  3. Speed limit: Another handy safety measure is the ability to set a speed limit before riding the EUC. It can be set via the LCD panel. If you cross the speed limits, multiple speed alarms will alert you.
  4. Battery protection and low battery warning: Batteries can be damaged if they arenot properly charged.

Begode Master has a low power alarm, set at 106 V, an overvoltage alarm, set at 136V, and a low power tilt back at 104 V. All these warnings keep you and the battery healthy.

Overheat protection for the mainboard: At 50, the overheat protection fan starts and helps to keep the system within the safe range of temperatures.


Below, we have answered some of the frequently asked questions regarding Begode Gotway Master.

How much does a Begode Master EUC cost?

You can buy a Begode Master for $3,999.

What is the charging time of Begode Gotway Master, and how long does the battery last after a single charge?

Unlike other electric unicycles, which charge overnight, Begode Master charges in just 4 to 6 hours. This is possible due to MSX battery technology and a 12 A charging adapter.

Is Begode Master water-resistant? How does it perform in rainy conditions?

Yes, The Begode Master is water-resistant given an IP65 rating. To ensure no water demage to the bearings, the unicycle has a sealed bearing ring and waterproof connectors. They protect the EUC during wet weather and rainy conditions. 

How much weight can Begode Master carry?

Master is capable of carrying a maximum weight of up to 110 kg (242 lbs.).

What is the inclination limit for Begode Master?

Up to 30 degrees.

How fast can Begode Master travel?

Begode master has a top-free spin speed of 112 kph (69.5 kph). It is one of the fastest EUC ever built but has a recommended safe speed limit of 30 kph/20.

The Begode Master has a lot of promising features at an affordable price. It is the fastest EUC available in the market. It could easily become a market leader in EUCs. 

If you are considering buying an electric unicycle, you should consider Begode Master  EUC.

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