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The battle of the beasts between The Veteran Sherman and The Gotway Monster Pro.

The battle of the beasts between The Veteran Sherman and The Gotway Monster Pro.

We all love EUCs! Owning a strong electric unicycle is every lad’s dream. However, there’s a lot of options to choose from, but worry no more! I’m a man on a mission to find the perfect e-unicycle, the king of all the EUCs, and the top of the food chain. We will be having a series called EUC! By the way, EUC stands for ‘‘Electric unicycle comparison’’. In today’s battle, we have two mighty warriors, stylish, powerful, and most of all fast. Today we will be comparing the Veteran Sherman and the Gotway Monster pro! So how about we cut things short and jump into the comparison. 


Our first challenge of the day is the speed challenge, we will be comparing the Gotway Monster pro and the Sherman’s speed then has an overall idea about which one has an advantage. 

First goes the Monster pro, it’s called the monster so there got to be a reason. The Gotway Monster Pro rocks a 3500W hollow motor, having no weight on that beast of a motor provides 65Mph (106km), which is a lot of speed! 

The Veteran Sherman, on the other hand, is ready for war! The Sherman has a 2500W motor, it is a really powerful motor. This electric unicycle can go as fast as 45Mph! 

No wonder why a lot of people buy these two models, however, the monster pro has a slight advantage speed wise. 

Battery and Range:  

When we talk about range we talk about battery, and vise versa. In this challenge we will see which EUC has the highest range and the strongest 

battery. The first e-unicycle to go is the Sherman. 

Thanks to a 100V by a 3200Wh battery the Sherman runs and feeds its soul, this battery can be charged in only 6hours, and can get you a range of 128 Miles/204.8 Km on one charge. Keep in mind this Battery powers the Shermans LED lights, Turning & brake warning lights, and the dashboard display as well. 

Now it’s the Gotway Monster Pro we have under the radar. The Monster Pro comes equipped with a 3200Wh LG M50T 21700 battery unit, This battery can be charged in 12hours, and can get you a range of 187 miles/300 km. Keep in mind this battery powers up the Monster’s LED lights reaching up to 6000 lumens, front & rear RGB animated LEDs, and Bluetooth speakers.

I can’t give any of the EUCs a point here, the decision is yours, which Battery do you think is better?

Overall build:

Now we will review each electric unicycle’s build, unique features, and more. Thus, we can have an overall idea about how solid these EUCs are. We can’t judge which one is better here, but you will be able to see which unicycle resonates the most with you. 

The Veteran Sherman is a WWII looking e-unicycle, it has a thick integral shell underlined by front and rear crash bars making it look like a tank. This tank can pick up a max load of 330lb/150kg. It also has strong LED lights, Turning & brake warning lights. What I like about the sherman’s lights is the old school vintage look they decided to go with. Since the Sherman has no companion app, the manufacturer decided to go with a dashboard display, through which you can monitor your speed, range, and battery. The Veteren Sherman comes with a 20” tire and a Retractable trolley handle and it weighs 77 lb (35 kg).

The Gotway Monster pro, however, has a lot of futuristic esthetics with RGB front and rear lights, the black and shell’s shape make it look like an FBI wheel. The monster is built sturdy and can handle a max load of 286lbs (130kg), That’s 44lbs (20kg) less than the Sherman though! The Gotway Monster pro comes with a powerful dual Nikola-style LED headlights, front & rear RGB animated LEDs (configurable in app). My favorite feature in the Monster is its Bluetooth speakers, as I like to listen to music while riding through the park. The Monster has a Retractable trolley as well, and an anti-spin lift sensor that stops the motor whenever you lift the electric unicycle off the ground. However, the monster weighs 99lbs which is 45kg keep this number in mind while lifting it. Another awesome feature to point out is the Monster’s double charging port, as we said before It takes 12hours to charge, but this feature allows you to reduce the charging time into half! They say time is money, and I say these two e-unicycles are worth every dollar.


So it’s time to pick a winner, but do we have one? I can’t really answer that. My only answer would be that if you want a heavy, fast futuristic electric unicycle just go for the Gotway Monster pro. However, if you want a balanced experience, an awesome vintage look while maintaining a high speed then The Veteran Sherman should be your pick. What I can guarantee you is that both EUCs are highs-end and from very skilled and respected companies.

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