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InMotion V8F 16” Electric Unicycle

inmotion v8f  16 inch electric unicycle with rgb lights

INMOTION Technologies Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development of sensor-controlled vehicles, including electric unicycles, electric scooters, e-bikes, and other commuter vehicles. they are comprised of an international team of designers and engineers passionate about making beautiful, yet powerful personal electric vehicles (PEVs). They have made a lot of popular electric unicycles (EUCs) in the past such as the V5/V5F, V10/V10F, and the new V11 which we have reviewed here previously. However, one of the most popular EUCs by InMotion is the V8F. It is a powerful and reliable electric unicycle that is loved by a lot of people. Let’s do an in-depth review and find out why. 

The InMotion V8F electric unicycle has a powerful combination of motor and battery. Its 1000W (peak 2000w) motor is powered by an 84V 518Wh LG Battery Pack (It can be charged in 4-5 hours with the included charger) allowing for a range of 35 miles (55km) and a max speed of 21.7 mph (35km/h). This makes it a very solid option to commute to the bus station, to malls, shops, or to one’s job. The battery level is displayed with a beautiful HD LED display. The charging port can be located in the back of the wheel.

The safety system on this wheel is very effective. It will only start if it is vertical and ready to go;  it also has a beeping alarm system for speed and power. The V8F EUC has a loudspeaker to warn you about crossing a set speed limit which can be adjusted to the riders preference via the eree InMotion mobile app. More safety features are included such as the anti-spin button in the carry to turn the electric unicycle off automatically as it is picked up.

The InMotion V8F has an impressive cutting edge design with a beautiful finish. Add awesome RGB lights on each side, customizable through the app. The V8F has a bright headlight and taillight to let traffic know it is braking or slowing. The V8F comes only in black and red and has an integrated retractable trolley handle on the left side. Likewise, it is easily carried as it weighs only 32 lbs (14.5 kg). 

The V8F sports a 16″ x 2.125″ wheel ready to climb inclines of up to 30 degrees. One might think that since it is electric, it can not be ridden in the rain. However, the InMotion V8F is IP55 water-resistant rated. It also has large 9.5″ magnesium alloy pedals for a comfortable ride.

In the above review of the InMotion V8F, what becomes clear is the V8F is a serious choice for those wanting to RIDE THE LIGHTNING. The review shows the specifications as numbers. Only riding it can show what it feel like.  If anyone already this fine machine, please be sure to share the experience at PEV opinion listed her.

inmotion v8f electric unicycle specs table
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