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The Veteran Sherman full specs review

The Veteran Sherman e-unicycle is a project of former engineers who left Gotway. When the Sherman was presented to the EUC community, a lot of people were excited to check it out.

It did not disappoint! Youtube reviewers loved the Sherman, and it has gained a still-growing fan base.

veteran sherman 10 inch electric unicycle with tail light

A lot of people believe that The Sherman is “The fastest electric unicycle.” PEV news is here to evaluate that claim. Is it true that ”Veteran Sherman” is the fastest? PEV.NEWS will see if one can use the Sherman to RIDE THE LIGHTNING!

Welcome to the  Veteran Sherman review!

The Veteran Sherman EUC was named after the M4 battle Tank and it is a one-wheel tank. This wheel can reach speeds of up to 45mph (72 Km/H) thanks to its huge 2500 Watt motor. So for all the speed demons willing to push the envelope, this Veteran is a super-fast PEV. And it is an even more important reason to ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET AND PADS while riding. 

Many people prefer riding EUCs for the advantages of these machines, advantages such as long-range and great speed. For this, a powerful battery is so important. The Veteran Sherman has a 3200Wh Panasonic battery to feed the monster motor that powers it. 

The Sherman battery charges in less than  6 hours using a 5A charger and provides up to 128 Miles (204.8 Km) of range! Moreover, it has a double charging port to reduce the battery charging time if another charger is available. The veteran has almost never-ending power and provides for never-ending fun 

Once you see the Veteran Sherman electric unicycle. you notice the inspiration from the WWII battle tank. It has a muscular design and a strong ABS integral shell underlined by front and rear crash bars. Weighing at 77 Lbs (35 Kg) this beast can endure a max load of 330 lbs (150kg). The engineers didn’t only aim for that tank look, they aimed for tank endurance as well. 
The Sherman EUC comes with 9.85″x 5.11″ (250x130mm) aluminium pedals. Its rectangular front light and hammered-look coating scream Gotway inspiration. It looks awesome!

 The Veteran Sherman has other features giving it high-end glitter. Transporting this EUC is easy. It comes equipped with a retractable trolley handle integrated into the shell body.

The dashboard display on this PEV is very useful. It displays speed, voltage, odometer, ride modes, wheel settings, and more. Since The Sherman doesn’t have a companion app, you have to set the speed alerts, the calibration, and other features through the dashboard display.

The headlight on this electric unicycle is powerful. The Veteran Sherman has two 750lm headlights, visibility is no issue.

Riders should in mind that the headlight position can be adjusted for attitude changes like hill climbing, so visibility is enhanced. The Sherman also has a superman symbol light acting as turn signals or brake lights. 

So is this The fastest electric unicycle? What does the reader think What are the pros and cons of owning one? And how does it matches up against other hyperactive wheels? The verdict is not yet in.  

All the specs came from the manufacturer. 

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