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Veteran Sherman Max Electric Unicycle

Should You Buy a Veteran Sherman Max?

sherman veteran max 20 inch  electric unicycle
Veteran Sherman Max

Are you considering buying a new unicycle? Are you looking at multiple electric unicycles in the market.

Did you know Veteran Sherman is the latest, most advanced, and fastest unicycle in the world? Should you buy a Veteran Sherman Max? Is it worth the price?

Don’t worry, all your queries will be resolved.

In this article, we will be discussing in detail the new Sherman Max EUC. Then, you can decide if it’s a good a fit for you.

Veteran Sherman Max: Overview:

Sherman’s Manufacturer, LeaperKim is one of the companies that provide premium EUCs at affordable prices. Veteran Sherman was the company’s first venture into the EUC market. With the release of Veteran Sherman Max, it is prepared to take the next significant step.

The Sherman Max leaps ahead of the competition due to its advanced features, which include a top-notch motor, a massive battery, unbelievable top speed, astonishing climbing ability, and superior range.

We will be covering each minute detail in the upcoming sections.

Technical Specifications of Veteran Sherman Max:

Just look around some technical specifications of the new Veteran Sherman Max.

Top free spin speed98 kph
Safe riding speed25 kph
Motor power2800W
BatterySamsung 50 E 100.8 V 3600 WH
Range230 km
Max gradeability30°
Operating temperature10-80℃
Max load120kg
Charger100.8V 5A
Charging time8.5 h
Dimension500 mm x 195 mm x 605 mm
Net weight39kg
Pedal dimension250 mm x 130 mm
Pedal altitude (from the ground)170 mm
Tire size20-inch off-road tire.
Trolley handleCentral mounted, build-in
Charge portDual charge ports, support 10A max.
Headlight1500lm modularization light
TaillightTurning, braking warning lights
Sherman Max Specs

Design and Build:

The Veteran Sherman has a simple yet intriguing design. On the outside, one would notice a metallic cage encompassing the whole EUC. This cage protects the wheel from falls and makes the whole structure stronger and more robust. On the top, one will see an interactive LCD screen. This screen shows necessary information such as speed, battery voltage, mileage, mode, calibration, battery status, and more. Another appealing feature is its pedals. They are ergonomically designed and feature enhanced grip and support. With all these components, the net weight of Veteran Sherman Max is still only 39 kg/86lbs.


The performance of Veteran Sherman Max has been greatly enhanced by improvements in the motor and battery.

Powerful Motor:

One of the key upgrades in Sherman Max, is the motor power. The previous model had a 2500 W motor. But this top-tier EUC is powered by a high-grade 2800 W motor that smoothly accesserates with intense power. The Sherman allows riders to attain a peak speed of 72 kph (45 mph).  However, if pushing limits is not your thing, one can cruise around your neighborhood on Veteran Sherman Max at a safe riding speed of 25 kph/15 mph. The EUC’s top free spin speed is around 98 kph, and the maximum load-bearing capacity is 120 kilograms, making it perfect for heavier riders. 

Another upgrade one might notice is the motor design. LeaperKim has revamped the motor housing with a new pedal bracket design and added thicker 10 AWG phase wires.

Long-lasting Battery:

One of the biggest concerns of an PEV user is limited battery range and long charging durations. With its high-capacity, energy-efficient Samsung 50E 100.8V 3600WH battery, the Veteran Sherman Max effectively addresses these problems, delivering a range of 230 kilometers/140 miles. The standard 100.8V 5A charger takes around 8.5 hours to fully charge the battery.  Due to this, Veteran Sherman Max is outstanding amoung electric unicycles in terms of battery capacity, charging time, and range.

Notable Features:

After the performance, consider these features:

  1. Intuitive LCD Screen: The Sherman MAX is equipped with an LCD panel that displays relevant information to the rider, including speed, battery voltage, mileage, mode switching, calibration, battery status, and more.
  2. Robust Structure: A metal cagehasbeen added around the whole body of Veteran Sherman Max, strengthening the whole frame, and protecting wheel against a fall.
  3. Fast Charging Support: The EUC supports 10 A fast-charging and is equipped with dual charge ports.
  4. 262 Knobby Tire: A 262 Knobby Tire comes standard and offers excellent traction.
  5. Modular Light: For excellent visibility at night, a 1500 lumen modular light is afixed to the front of the E-wheel.
  6. Brake Warning Light: Like other electric vehicles on the road, the rear area features a brake warning light along with turn signals.
  7. Advanced Pedal Design: In the Sherman Max, the ergonomically designed pedals provide enhanced grip. In addition, a footrest clearance of 170 mm allows the Sherman Max to effortlessly traverse the sharpest turns and corners.
  8. Trolley Handle for Portability: A trolley handle has also been installed to make moving the EUC from place to place an ease.
  9. Advanced safety features: TheVeteran Sherman Max has several industry-leading safety features that offer unrivaled protection to both the rider and EUC’s hardware.  
  • Inclination Protection: TheVeteran Sherman Max comes with an inclination protection functionality, which prevents it from rolling over when the body angle exceeds 45 degrees.
    • Low Battery Protection Alarm: Another safety feature is the low battery alarm. The low battery protection alarm sets off at 75.6V, and the footrests start to tilt back at 74.5V.
    • Protection for Overcharge: The TheVeteran Sherman Max offers protections for overcharge, over-discharge, and charging port short.
    • Overheat Protection: Overheating is a common problem in EUCs. An overheat protection sensor has been added to Veteran Sherman Max. The mainboard’s overheat protection triggers at 85℃.

These safety features help reduce the chances of battery failure, fire, and premature deterioration.


Finally, we have answered some of the frequently asked questions regarding the Veteran Sherman Max.

How much does a Veteran Sherman Max EUC cost?

You can buy a Veteran Sherman Max at $3,779 at our shop.

What is the charging time of Veteran Sherman Max EUC, and how long does the battery last after a single charge?

Since the Sherman Max comes with a huge battery of 3600 WH, it takes around 8.5 to fully charge the battery using a regular 5A adapter. It also supports 10A fast charging. This allows a rider to achieve up to 230 km/140 miles of range with a single charge.

How much load/weight can Veteran Sherman Max bear?

LeaperKim claims that the TheVeteran Sherman Max can bear a weight of 120 kg or 264 lbs. On average, a rider weighs about 85 kgs. Thus, it can easily support heavy riders.

Can Sherman Max ascend slopes or staircase?

As per the manufacturer, the veteran Sherman Max can climb a slope of about 40.

Are there any audio Bluetooth speakers available for listening to Music?

No, this machine is all business.

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