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Xiaomi with a powerful entry into the e-scooters market! Let’s talk about Xiaomi Mi Pro 2.

Xiaomi with a powerful entry into the e-scooters market! Let’s talk about Xiaomi Mi Pro 2.

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All I heard was praise about the first Xiaomi electric scooter pro model, and it seems that Xiaomi kept the design The same. There are, however, improvements to enhance the overall experience in the new Xiaomi Mi electric scooter Pro 2. 

The Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 is by far the most flexible e-scooter in the market. It is beginner-friendly, yet super convenient for experienced riders. The Mijia Pro 2 comes with a 300W and 600W instantaneous power motor, and that’s enough power to get you up to 15.5Mph. To power it’s motor Xiaomi went with a 12,800 mAh lithium-ion battery, it takes 8-9 hours to charge. On one charge this beauty can travel as far as 28 miles. The Xiaomi Mijia Pro 2 offers a high speed and range which is a very high value for an e-scooter in its price range.

With two times the wattage in this model, the LED headlight is considerably brighter than the initial Mi Scooter. At night it was only fair to drive the streets with the light guiding the way. When the scooter is switched on, it is turned on and off by pressing the power button.

xiaomi mijia pro 2 electric scooter structure

The handles extend directly from the center and can be comfortably grasped.  On the front of the left-hand handlebar is the back brake for the back wheel.

You can also trigger a manual bell on the left side with your thumb. To ring the bell, just click on the button. It’s nice to make sure people know you are driving on the sidewalk.

The accelerator can be found within the right-hand grip. This is caused by pressing the thumb down on the spinning part and the harder you press it. You can allow cruise control in the app once you attach your mobile so that the maximum acceleration is pressed and sustained for more than five seconds and the cruise controller. A beep is initiated when the cruise control. You either pull the brake or push the accelerator button to turn off the cruise control.

The power button and small monitor are located in the middle of the handlebars. This is a significant change compared to the original scooter, which displayed only LED battery status indicators. Now you can turn to the mode, display Bluetooth link status, and watch your speed.

The front wheel is solid, holding the electric engine that drives you forward.  The baseboard platform is behind it with a textured mat to make it stand healthy. It has enough space, you could comfortably stand on both feet of the scooter and still have space to move.

xiaomi mijia 360 pro 2 electric scooter rear reflect light
a girl using xiaomi mobile app for mijia Pro 2 electric scooter
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