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PEV.NEWS is your online resource for the emerging Personal Electric Vehicle revolution. PEV.NEWS brings you information and opinion on all aspects of PEVs.

PEVs can be Electric Unicycles (EUCs), new E-scooters, E-skateboards, E-bikes, and other personal vehicles. PEV.NEWS want to be the go place for people interested in personal transportation. PEVs are forging a new way for people to commute. PEV.NEWS is forging the market.

PEV will publish news, reviews, updates, and will keep the community informed about developments from the major PEV manufacturers. A well informed community is a happy and safe community.

PEV.NEWS is sponsored by major North America dealers in PEVs. This means we have direct lines to the manufacturers as well as an eye on the market. Our interest is directed to make the PEV market vibrant and to make sure PEV operators are safe and operating their vehicles in ways that benefit the community and the PEV rider themselves.

PEV.NEWS will always emphasize safety and courteous driving. The lawmakers today are still reeling from this PEV revolution and regulations are being forged as we speak. PEV.NEWS will encourage behaviors to insure that the regulations as they are developed are sensible and allow the greatest freedom for PEV operators.

Whether you are a rider, experienced or novice, or simply investigating whether to buy, PEV.NEWS should be a regular stop on your PEV rounds. Feel free to send in stories or suggestions to Hello@pev.news

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